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TOPIC atoz
gwen stefani 11
Gwen Stefani 9
music 3
no doubt 3
podcast 3
8 years in jail 2
9/11 truthers 2
911 chicken story 2
911 operator asks if mother wants them to shoot her unruly daughter 2
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 2
Alleged rapist bragged about rape 2
Alleged rapist confronted victims parents at their house 2
Am I losing my mind? 2
Am I playing it up? 2
Animals brought down the buildings 2
Another bit 2
Another chicken related 911 call on youtube 2
Another headline about a cop that raped an old lady 2
Another headline about students swapping nude pics 2
Ariana Grande Vs. the skinny shamers 2
Ariana Grande and her nice eyes 2
Arnold's beastly housekeeper 2
Be careful of online romance 2
Brain syndrome 2
Catch phrase bullshit 2
Charged with falsifying a fuck or something 2
Chicken nugget 911 call 2
Chicken stories every week 2
Connecticut trip 2
DJs 2
Done with the show today 2
Drone strikes against Isis 2
Emoting without actual words 2
European drinking laws Vs. United states drinking laws 2
Face slapping alarm 2
Fake masturbation story continues to do well 2
Female teachers having sex with students Vs. Male teachers having sex with students 2
Funny or Die Video Archive 2
Gavin Rosedale cheats on Gwen Stefani 2
Glasses and my peepers 2
Good story 2
Has the show been good so far 2
He had a heart attack and she drowned 2
He is lucky he was not killed by the girls parents 2
He raped a passed out girl 2
He toppled over on her and buried her under the water? 2
Hoarse voice again 2
Hollaback Girl 2
Hot tub sex machine 2
Hot tub sex machine headline 2
How I handled the flying alarm clock 2
How did she make this happen? 2
How this show has evolved 2
I am happier than I've been in awhile letting go of inhibitions 2
I can dig the blind folding thing 2
I can't sit native American style and I'm fucking pissed 2
I can't speak 2
I didn't watch the republican debates 2
I don't even know at this point 2
I don't have anything to talk about 2
I fuck up speaking and yell at myself again 2
I have a cramp in my leg 2
I have a text 2
I hope I would know if I was fucking a guy 2
I just acted that out? 2
I like my videos 2
I looked " special" on the video when I did that 2
I never drunk dialed 911 2
I peaked around the time of that show 2
I should be a newspaper editor 2
I slap myself in the face while talking about 2
I sleep through my alarm 2
I swear too much 2
I think the drinking age should be 18 2
I was making it happen 2
I wonder if it was the classic over the top cheesy disguise 2
I'm a tough critic on myself 2
I'm an expressive fuck 2
I'm doing it for me 2
I'm down for it 2
I'm down with it 2
I'm not a morning person 2
I'm not bright either 2
I'm transitioning in my personality 2
If high school football is that important to you that's kind of pathetic 2
If this is fake I'm going to kick my own ass 2
Imagining how the call sounded 2
Infantile thinking 2
Innocent until proven guilty 2
Insulting the audience 2
Is the wedding still on? 2
It is still shitty 2
It is still shitty to support this guy 2
It was funny 2
It will take off and grow like has 2
Jared Fogel's attorney asking for leniency 2
Jihad John is dead 2
Jihad John's Pittsburgh pirates hat 2
Judge removes lesbian couples child because he thinks same sex couples provide a better family 2
Krampus movie 2
Lets do it! 2
Lets try to figure out how that happened 2
Live on periscope 2
Live on the Mike McGinty show? 2
Look at me now 2
Looking for an old bit to play during break 2
Looking to see if I can find the call 2
Make it happen 2
Making faces at myself instead of doing the show 2
Manipulation skills 2
Maybe maybe 2
Maybe the wife was into being asphyxiated during sex and he had a heart attack while burying her head under water 2
McGinty podcast 2
Mike McShinty 2
Most of the time rape goes unreported and this is a good example why 2
My feet are falling asleep 2
My history with alcohol and partying 2
NO! 2
NOT an inside job 2
Nah 2
New era of positivity 2
News caster voice 2
Nobody cares 2
Not a good visual 2
One more story 2
Only can scope so long I guess 2
Periscope ends and that's it for that today 2
Playing a bit from my 28th show 2
Poor editing again 2
Rand Paul best represents me 2
Risking exhibitionist behavior 2
Russian guy speaks on this 2
Screaming on the show 2
She is claiming the woman knew it was her the whole time 2
She is really trusting 2
She isn't black 2
She must have never done oral 2
She was blind folded 2
She wore a disguise 2
Short term memory 2
Singing about my tooth bothering me 2
Students can't really be punished for support during the game 2
Students support football player rapist 2
Stupid joke 2
Stupid judge 2
Swearing too fucking much 2
That story was too short so I'm going to play some other wacky 911 calls 2
That's work related and I'll get to it later 2
The couple that died having sex in the hot tub were both in their sixties 2
The daughter discovered them 2
The daughter has a wedding story to tell 2
The doors 2
The equipment was all working properly 2
The penis wearing friend and her end game 2
The woman that called 911 said it was a sarcastic joke 2
They ca kick them off the team if they do it again 2
Things I would prefer to wake up to over being slapped in the face 2
This community supports local sports over rape victims 2
This is written shitily 2
Too many bits and catch phrases? 2
Too preachy to post the white privilege video 2
Tooth bothering me 2
Town that supported child predator 2
Trump attacking Ben Carson 2
Truther harasses family that lost mother at Sandy Hook 2
Trying to get myself together 2
Two old people die while having sex in hot tub at daughters wedding 2
Very vulgar Mike McGinty show 2
Victim faced cyber threats 2
Victimizing the victim 2
Video for last show is not done yet 2
Watched some of the periscope video 2
Watching the periscope video 2
Wedding memories 2
Westboro Baptist church 2
What a sociopath 2
What is this show? 2
What this is 2
Where is your favorite place to have sex? 2
Why am I reading the top youtube videos? 2
Why doesn't this guy ever cum? 2
Woman calls 911 asking them to deliver chicken and cigarettes 2
Woman has sex with her friend with fake penis 10 times while pretending to be a man 2
Woman pretends to be man and has sex with her blindfolded friend 10 times before she realizes what was going on 2
Work in progress 2
Yelling at myself 2
You can't call 911 to troll for cock 2
You only doing this because I'm black 2
Youtube clips not taking off 2
africa 2
all of me 2
am i wrong 2
antithesis 2
ariana grande 2
beachy 2
bearfilms 2
bitch 2
boo 2
up-solid down-solid